Second Edition

Just a brief little announcement that a second edition is in development. The mechanics of the game are changing significantly to spotlight more effectively a combat system, since that is the intent of this game—to highlight big, mecha fights. It will still be Rooted in Trophy, but Risk, Combat and Progress Rolls are being pretty drastically reworked. This, of course, affects the rest of the system, but it will still feel like a RiT game.

As a preview, I've attached an image of the two rolls which form the core of combat (and the game itself). The Conflict Roll is a combination of the Progress (Hunt) and Risk Rolls, while the Resolution Roll is a new mechanic based on the Theorize move from Brindlewood Bay.

Everyone who has purchased the first edition of Debt & Metal will receive a download code for the second edition.

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I second the excitement!

This is pretty exciting